Cake Serving Size & Cake Cutting Guide

Please note that we are offering Butter Cream Cake and Fondant Cake. For Fondant Cakes, as there are chocolate ganache and fondant layer, they are heavier than Butter Cream cakes although with the same diameter. 

Cake Serving Measurements

Most of our cakes are Mini Size (i.e. 4"), 6" and 8" in diameter. Some of the slim designs are with smaller diameter and extra height, which we offer 5" and 7" diameter.

Here is a general guide on the service size:

Cake Diameter Weight Serve Guest Big Slices Portions
Mini Cake 4" 1 lb 6-12 6 12
Mini Cake (Tall) 5" 3 lbs 8-16 8 19
Standard Cake  6" 3 lbs 12-24 14 24
Standard Cake (Tall) 7" 5 lbs 18-32 19 32
Large Cake 8" 5 lbs 12-40 10-12 35-40 (around 1"x1"x 2")


If you wish to cut the cake into maximum number of portions, you may refer to the cake cutting guide attached below: