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Selected Wine - Sake and Japanese Liquor

Selected Wine - Choya Original Sparkling 750ml

Choya Original Sparkling / 蝶矢原裝氣泡梅酒 

A surprise of Japanese plum wine (umeshu) mixed with grape wine from Italy and Spain, and with lovely bubbles!

Packed in elegant champagne-like bottle stopped with cork.  Light and sweet flavour with low alcohol concentration.  Perfect for casual party with family and friends.  

An excellent choice to make your party even more perfect.

Detailed Information

Origin: Brewed in Germany with ingredients from Japan, Italy and Spain
Product category: Plum Wine
Alcohol concentration: 5%
Capacity: 750 ml
Brewery: CHOYA

Introduction of brewing
Umeshu is a traditional Japanese liqueur made from ume fruit. A perfect balance between ume extract and alcohol is achieved by aging the whole fruit, with the stone still inside. The delicious tang of Umeshu comes from citric acid in the fruit, and the refreshing flavour stimulates the appetite. Umeshu also contains malic and succinic acids. Refresh yourself by enjoying a glass of Umeshu when feeling tired. The addition of alcohol to the fruit during production means that the ume flavour can be extracted not only from the flesh and skin but also from the stone. It is this process which gives CHOYA Umeshu its unique fruity bouquet, with notes of almond and marzipan.

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